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Gideon Simons [Ghee-Don See-Mons]
Part gardener, part astronaut who loves growing and nurturing teams that build great products together.
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There is some kind of magic that happens when humans and machines interact. We may already be in a day and age where we are used to it.. But somewhere inside of us, like little children, we still get excited when a machine reacts to something we do...
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As a Product, Design and Innovation leader, I have built and led international teams through complex projects and challenges. For more than 15 years, I’ve conceptualised and shipped countless products for both famous and emerging brands.

In my spare time I mentor young start ups and teach UX Design at General Assembly.

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Detecting Ambiguity in Insurance Policy Documents - Singapore/Australia
Using NLP and state of the art AI, I lead a team of UX, Devs and Data Scientists through discovery to rapid prototyping of an initial AI document scanning tool that detects texts with ambiguity.
Car Damage Assessment using Computer Vision - Australia
Working with another Startup, I led a team of UX, Developers and Data Scientists through research and conceptualising the process of bringing the technological solution to different points within the Car insurance value chain.
Early drowning prevention using Computer Vision - Singapore
Using Google Cloud AI Vision Services and other Computer vision libraries, I lead a team of developers, UX and Data Scientists to build hardware prototypes and AI pipelines for detection of struggling swimmers that show early signs of drowning.


Field Service Management Automation SAAS + PAAS for Zinier
Leading the Product Design department within the company, building the Product Design Practice as well as the product strategy/design/ux/research for all the company products.
Mediacorp Digital Products
As the head of Digital Product, I managed a team of Product Managers, UX, Visual Designers which covered a wide range of 15-20 digital products. Ranging from huge news portals such as Channel News Asia, to lifestyle portals such as Elle, Smart Parents to different digital innovation projects.
Stock trading web and tablet for OCBC
Co-leading a team through 7 months of iterative prototyping and UX research to come up with the blueprint of the new trading portal and tablet apps for OCBC
Portfolio management product for Fintech startup Mesitis
Leading the discovery and prototyping of a totally new product for the startup, the company was able to raise $3m and launch the product to the market.
Relationship manager tablet app Bank of Singapore
As the regional mobile practice lead at IBM, I led a SWAT team of UX and Developers through research, customer discovery to the first MVP of the bank’s first Tablet app for relationship managers.
Relationship manager tablet app for Maybank
As a consultant, I was brought in to lead the team through a big change of project direction with better user experience and more targeted scope.
Touch Screens interfaces and Kiosks for Singtel and AMES
As consultant for an Australian Service Integrator, I helped the company lead the UX design for big touch screen kiosk experiences that were rolled out to all of Singtel stores across Singapore, as well as 3 touchscreen apps for a huge beauty consultancy chain in Singapore.
Portal Conversion optimisation for Fintech startup Crowdo
As a consultant, I was brought in to re-discover and conceptualise the portal experience for the company’s flagship crowdfunding product and adapt it to a South East Asian audience.
E-Learning for SpanishUno and Prep2go
I designed and built 2 big E-learning portals from end-to-end. One was the biggest e-learning product for Psychometric exams such as GMAT and PSLE called Prep2go and the other was a successful Spanish learning portal called Spanish Uno.
Smart transportation - Startup Co-founder at Hapticus
As the company co-founder I led the company through building a transportation booking product for people with disabilities in Singapore. I helped the company raise the first series of funding.


Automation for Field Technicians - North America
Remote Ethnography, Concept testing, Collaborative Design Workshops to develop the user journeys of typical Field service and test out ideas on how to bring automation into their workflow
Singtel First Unmanned Store (Unboxed) - Singapore
Ethnography, Spatial, Contextual Enquiry, Eye tracking study to discover how people interact with a totally unmanned shop full of robots and kiosks
McDonalds Self Service Experience - Singapore
Ethnography, Spatial, Contextual Enquiry, Usability, Eye tracking study to find how digital banners, kiosks and counters affect people's decision making
Standard Chartered web2020 - Hong Kong
Generative, Lab, Card sorting study to understand how different bank customers types research and discover financial products
How do elderly interact with smart voice assistants - Singapore
Ethnography, Rapid Prototyping study to discover how the elderly react to and interact with smart voice assistants and what are the gaps to adoption
AI in car assessment - Australia
Ethnography, Rapid Prototyping, Generative/Formative study to test fit of a new AI car damage assessment algorithm into car assessors workflow
Moving from print to digital - Singapore
Contextual enquiry, Generative study to discover how users interact with content on print vs digital and how to make an easy transition
How do people manage multiple loyalty programs - Singapore
Ethnographic study to find out how Singaporeans collect, spend, manage and maximize points and incentives from different loyalty programs
How do people prefer to donate to charity - Singapore
Ethnographic study to find out how Singaporeans donate to charity and acceptance, perception of different donation methods such as Paylah, SMS, online, phone call